Saturday, May 28, 2011

CSN Stores Product Review

A loooooooooong time coming. We're talking months. Sorry about that. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to review and then I had some shipping issues. When I originally got the product, one of the pieces was broken so I ordered a replacement part. CSN was super fast and efficient on getting that replacement part all ordered and shipped out. Unfortunately FedEx decided that that week they were going to lobotomize themselves.

The replacement piece was originally delivered about a week after I ordered it. And for some reason the driver decided to rescind the delivery and pick it back up. A week later I get a postcard from FedEx in the mail telling me they couldn't find my house. Figure that one out. By that time I've figured the piece is lost so I ordered another replacement piece for the original replacement piece days before. Then I get this notice from FedEx and I call the number and try to explain to them where I am. Mind you I'm in the suburbs, about 100 feet off of a main road. There is nothing stick-like or backwoods or in-the-middle-of-nowhere about where I live.

I had the woman on the phone and she said she plugged my address into Google Maps and couldn't find the house. I put it in there and poof! Came right up. Spelled it out for her. Literally. Her response, 'I don't know which one it is.' How about the one with three storeys, not two, and the one with 31 on the house. For the life of her she couldn't figure it out.

THIS IS A SHIPPING COMPANY. And they can't figure out Google Maps or a GPS? So they're like come pick it up and I go no. You jerkwads are a shipping company that can't find my house and you want me to go out of my way, during the most inconvenient hours possible, to pick up a package that you already delivered and then took back because you can't read street signs or house numbers? No.

Thankfully the replacement piece to the replacement piece was shipped via UPS who found my house without a problem. All of this of no fault to CSN at all. It's all FedEx's fault.

Now onto the review, which will be exponentially shorter than my FedEx rant.

So this time around I decided to get Houdini Burgundy Style Red Wine Glasses. Originally I was going to get a kitchen cart (which I still need but can stave off) but we really felt like alcoholics drinking wine out of glass cups so I had a more urgent gap to fill.

These things are ginormous. Like I could fit my fist inside of them big. Now they're only meant for red wine because the shape of the glass allows for the scent to waft. Well, I'm not a red wine drinker. Just white. I just got these glasses because I liked their shape, not because they were big enough to stick my big guido nose in them.

They're a little big for my hand but I can manage. At least for two proper glasses of wine. Nevermind one of these can hold nearly an entire bottle. Not that that's how you're supposed to drink it or anything.

I like them. Very light and kind of fragile. I wouldn't recommend putting them in the dishwasher and I'd handle them gently. But they work like they're supposed to and they're classy looking.

After the two boxes of those I ordered I still had some fundage left on the credit so I decided to get myself a new set of knives. I'd bought myself a knife set when I first moved here but right from the beginning they didn't feel right. The weight of them was off and for stainless steel, they sure as hell rusted pretty quickly. So I did some searching and ultimately settled on the Ginsu Bakelite Five Piece Prep Cutlery Set. Ginsu's a good product (I have some of their steak knives already) so I figured I couldn't go too wrong with these.

I've been using them for about a month now (while I was waiting for that replacement wine glass, grrr) and I have zero complaints. They're super sharp (validated by the rate it sliced through my finger the first time I used them) and cut through veggies and whatnot with ease.

They feel good in my hands and I'd recommend them to someone looking for an inexpensive but good knife set.

The only downside is the big knives aren't long. There are other sets to get that have more knives; I just wish there was a bread knife in this one. Cutting through a loaf with the one above is a little hard since it it doesn't reach from one side to the other. But really, no complaints. I love them.
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