Thursday, August 13, 2009

Movies: Potter vs. Twi-what? + Reminder!

Just a reminder that my contest for The Sentinels: Fortunes of War ends to night at midnight EST! Be sure to get your entries in by then!

Ok, so this Wall Street Journal article pits together the two top franchises of recent years, Harry Potter and the one with the glitter pixies, Twi-something. What it's claiming is that as younger Harry Potter fans grow up, they want to move on to more "mature" things and "cooler" (*snerk*) charcters like those found in Twi-whatever. The two GIRLS highlighted in that article? Both 13. Hardly a fair way to approach the topic, don't you think? How about we get the male opinion in there, don't we?

What 13 year old girl doesn't want to act more mature and do more mature things and doesn't have their hormones raging like a dog in heat? Please. I don't think 13 year old girls moving from one series to another has anything to do with maturity but the fallacious love story told in those other books. Edward Cullen is their "epitome" of perfection: perfect-looking, perfect-acting, perfect-gentleman, etc. (scary, I know) What 13 year old girl isn't boycrazy?

Those girls claim that "who cares?" about Harry Potter and “nobody really believes you can have magic, but some people believe you can find the perfect guy.” Still scary but that's not really it. If it were, the massive legions of adults that enjoy Harry Potter wouldn't read the books or watch the movies.

Harry Potter is truly a franchise that appeals to both sexes. While the article claims that 40% of Twisnot moviegoers were male, how many were actually there because their obsessed girlfriends dragged them there? What it appealing to a guy in Twicrap? I know there are a few fans but seriously, what is appealing to the opposite sex? And what is appealing in Harry Potter to both sexes? Magic, romance, evil, snakes, fighting. I could go on. Romance is not the driving force in Harry Potter; it's thwarting the bad guy. There is literally something for everyone in Harry Potter.

And the "werewolves" in Twiblech attracting guys? Um, those fwuffy wittle puppies the Pedophile and Co. transform into are not werewolves. Fenrir Greyback is a werewolf. If you feel like wanting to give said wolf a squeaky toy, it's probably not going to interest many, especially boys who want shit torn up, not newborns swooned over. *shudder*

And yes, while romanticism is played up in Half-Blood Prince, it has nothing to do with Twahblah. The sixth book itself has romance as a heavy theme because the kids are all at that right age. It would have had to play a role at some point, especially considering their relationships already.

I'm just so tired of the two franchises getting compared. They're nothing alike. And like the studio said, "“With all due respect to “Twilight,” the longevity and world-wide success of the Harry Potter franchise speaks for itself." Let Twishite maintain it's popularity for ten years like Harry Potter has and then comparisons can start being made. Until then, keep the glitter away from Harry Potter.


Frankie Diane said...

Hahaha! I hate that they tried to claim they upped the romance factor in HBP bc of Twilight, as if HBP wasn't already full of tons of romantic plotlines when it was written before Twilight was even released! UGH! HBP is the romantic book and it would have been the romantic movie with or without Twilight.

Lea said...

Harry Potter is a movie for anyone, I know college students (Heck, even 40 year olds) who love Harry Potter. I love Twilight, but it doesn't compare to Harry Potter.

Rachel said...

What! Are they serious! Twilight doesn't even compare to HP! Twilight is more "mature" and "cooler"? Uggn its not more mature and their referring to 13 year old girls for their mature reference. I think the comment "nobody really believes you can have magic, but some people believe you can find the perfect guy". That sentence right there totally contradicts itself. You can never find a perfect guy. That's just about as "unbelievable" as she puts it as magic. Especially if you think your going to find someone who thinks about you every second of every day, is perfect looking, and doesn't have any problems what so ever. Cause honey you are setting your self up for utter disappointment and guys will never be able to live up to that. I have nothing against Twilight but don't compare it to HP and say that their only putting romance in the movie to compete with Twilight because the book has been around longer than the first book was even published and romance is a big part in it. I seriously think someone has put some type of voodoo or something on Twilight. I just can't understand the mass freaky liking of it. Someone needs to make some type of ward against it like garlic or silver.

Monique said...

I hate the Twilight and Harry Potter comparison. There is nothing to compare. I know 40 something year olds with PhDs (both males and females) that enjoyed Harry Potter. In fact that is who hooked me on the books. If it hadn't been for them I wouldn't have read it.

Those same people wouldn't have recommended Twilight. If 13 year old girls are looking at Edward for an example of the perfect guy. Then they are going to be prey for crazy stalkers because that is essential what Edward is, a creepy crazy stalker.

Anonymous said...

You really are giving Twi-whatever the twin-double barrel exploding action, both here and in FI! Three cheers for a girl that doesn't believe in escalation. It's nuclear or nothing!

It's a false comparison done by people who don't understand the works or the audience. No surprise there.

Stormy said...

“nobody really believes you can have magic, but some people believe you can find the perfect guy.”


*falls off chair laughing* *realises gravity of situation and curls up under the desk weeping*

These girls were thirteen, right? The age where it's still fine for them to believe in magic without people giving them a second look? I know, I know, I know, there's an entire legion of HP fans, and other 13-year-olds that do believe in magic, but the fact that they're giving up magic for boys at thirteen...*is still under the desk*

"Perfect guy"? They're thirteen, what do they know about a perfect guy? Well, other than the fact that he's supposed to be a fluffy-animal-killing-stalker-boy-that's-in-love-with-you-because-you-smell-yummy...

You know what? I'm just gonna stay under my desk.

The sixth book itself has romance as a heavy theme because the kids are all at that right age. It would have had to play a role at some point, especially considering their relationships already.
I only made it up to #5 in HP, because I lost contact with the friend that was lending them to me (and hence my reason for understanding the HP 'verse), but the romance in HP, I don't have a problem with. These people have known each other for years, been through hell together, and have bonded through those experiences. For them, it's a natural next step. It's the logical conclusion.

World in general, stop comparing the franchises, just stop it. >_>

Donna said...

Yeah, 13 year old girls know maturity so well! How could I not take their words to heart???

Voldemort would so kick the Volturi's asses. Like whoa.

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