Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Help Me Choose My Blog Theme!

I'm a bit indecisive at my writing blog. I tweaked my own Wordpress theme, made my own designs and such, but I wanted a change. So I decided to search out some nifty themes and I found a bunch of them and the guy does some amazing designs. I'm just waiting for him to start taking requests for personalized themes!

If you could take a second and let me know by commenting on the voting post which theme you like best, I'll love you forever.

See the post here.

There's already a, uh, slight bias in the comments section! :) But if you could help me decide, that'd be awesome! And please don't be swayed by the blah default Wordpress setting up right now. That's because a) the theme I had on there before FUBARed my coding and screwed everything up and b) I didn't feel like going back in to reset a theme until I knew which one I wanted to use.


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