Saturday, June 27, 2009

80s Awesomeness! ~ 17

A little later than usual on this one. See the Freaky Friday post for why.

Rubik's Cube!

Ah, the Rubik's Cube. The bastard of a toy that makes most of us bleed from the eyes trying to figure out. Like Tetris, it can be highly addictive. But unlike Tetris, this cube can be hurled across the room and cause damage to things and people. Not good. It's been haunting people ever since the 80s.

And people who can actually do this make my eyes bulge. I need the secret.


Barbara said...

I never could figure the damn thing out. It is a plot to drive people insane.

runa said...

*knows how to do it* I got slightly jealous of my best friend who knows how to do it in under a minute, searched the web like crazy for guides, and managed to get it, although I'm pretty sure I've lost it again by now :P Still nowhere NEAR as fast as my friend!

Donna (Bites) said...

There's gotta be some sort of reason to it and it's probably really simple but gah!

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