Thursday, June 11, 2009

ABCs of Me

Snatched from Liyana.

A - Age: 26 but I feel 16 and look about 18, poses some issues going to bars though

B - Bed size: Full, when I move I shall graduate to a Queen

C - Chore you hate: Dusting, and it shows

D - Dogs' names: Malfoy who also answers to Dude

E - Essential start to your day: Waking up, usually

F - Favorite color: Green, the bolder the better

G - Gold or Silver: Silver

H – Height: just under 5'4", the wall of my work cube comes to just under my eyes

I - Instruments you play: None, I'm musically disinclined, much to my dad's chagrin

J - Job title: Technically I'm a Technical Assistant but I'm really an Underwriter in Training

K - Kid(s): Make my ovaries die . . . is that how I was supposed to answer that?

L - Living arrangements: Live at home at the moment, the smartest thing financially at the moment, but I'll be moving out to California next year

N – Nicknames: Duck, Bugs, D, Don, Donaduche (pronounced like Bonaduche, don't ask)

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Not that I can remember

P - Pet Peeve: When people flip you off or try to scare you (usually by nearly sideswiping, happened just last week to me, actually, a few years ago I had one asshat cut in front of me, slam on his brakes and I hit him, we have very aggressive drivers here) after you honk at their moronic and oftentimes illegal driving techniques, stupid people

Q - Quote from a movie: "My own brother, a god damn, shit sucking vampire! Ooo you wait until Mom finds out, buddy!" Sam (Corey Haim) from The Lost Boys (like you couldn't see that coming)

R - Right or left handed: Right but heavily left sided

S - Siblings: Nope, only child

T - Time you wake up: During the week, just before six, on the weekends, usually between 8 and 9

U - Underwear: Never leave the house without it

V - Vegetable you dislike: Brussel Sprouts, those are just little balls of evil

W - Ways you run late: Hitting the snooze one more time

X - X-rays: Had three today alone and two last week. I'm surprised I'm not glowing with how many I've had done.

Y - Yummy food you make: Kick ass Sloppy Joe. Manwich has nothing on me. And I make a really good barbecue meatloaf. *drool*

Z - Zoo animals: Tigers, although I'm not the biggest fan of zoos


prophecygirl said...

Love your kids answer! LOL!

Miss Cindy said...

I love your kids answer too :) I would've answered similarly!

Donna said...

LOL! Thanks! Some people are just not meant to be moms and I'm pretty sure I'm one of them!

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