Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Reading, writing, music - what are yours? Come on. 'Fess up.


The first three Twilight books (we're talking like 25 to life without the chance of parole guilty there), fanfiction (reading and writing), any and all 80s music, cheesy ass 80s horror movies, cheesy YA horror from the days of yore, horror conventions, Miley Cyrus, Metro Station and the like music, these sneakers, playing pretend in my head when people think I'm dazing out.

C'mon. What are yours?


Becky said...

The Twilight books - definitley a guilty pleasure of mine! Also, music by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry! I almost feel guilty for loving it so much =]

Sonja Nitschke said...

Cheesy Science Fiction (Princess of Mars and Repo! The Genetic Opera), cheesy musicals (I still haven't had a chance to indulge my horrific, guilty, and secret desire to watch High School Musical), and happy floofy/predictable movies with a warm gooey center of happy endings (but usually those only when I'm stressed), and Doctor Who fan fiction (writing and reading).

Donna said...

Becky, I love Katy Perry! Her music's awesome.

Sonja, I never would have known! LOL! High School Musical, huh? Let me know when you cave into that one!

Marie said...

Anything by L.J. Smith, cheesy pop 90s music, Avril Lavigne (I know, I know but the songs are catchy), old digimon series, old disney films, and t-shirts with silly things on them that make me question my mental age.

Becky said...

I have to say, I saw the first High School Musical and didn't think it was worth the hype *shrugs* but lots of people seem to love it!

Donna - I love her music, but my friends, and my sister, laugh at me! I have to say, predictable romance films also get me almost every time, as well as chick lit where you know the girl's gonna get the guy, but you still love it anyway! I have a major addiction to Meg Cabot books. lol!

Rabid Fox said...

Guilty TV pleasure: The After Show on MTV Canada
Guilty reading pleasure: fan fiction
Guilty movie pleasure: Austin Powers (they still make me laugh, even though the jokes are sooo old)
Guilty music pleasure: Britney Spears' "Womanizer" ... Sue me, it's catchy.

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