Saturday, May 9, 2009

80s Awesomeness! ~ 10

It's all about the -

Now who didn't have one of these? Or 12? I mean, how could you resist them in all their cuteness?

The one I really remember having was a cross between the two brown ones there. Not as fat at the one on the floor but not as old looking as the one on the pedestal. Some of these things I wish I still had! I think I had one of the little ones too, just a flat color one. I'm almost positive I did. And, of course, what 80s toy would be complete without its own cartoon?


I Heart Monster said...

Oh the Pound Puppies. *wistful sigh* They were fun. Thanks for the cartoon!

sharonanne said...

I still have the skinny brown one. I love the pound puppies. They have kitties too.

Anonymous said...

Any similarity to a half a dozen Disney movies and Hogan's Heroes is pure coincidence!


Donna said...

LOL! I'm more of a dog person myself! But I do remember those.

You know what's really dangerous? I now want to work at eBay where they actually encourage you to shop their site and develop sick tchotchke obsessions and display them in your cube. O.M.G.

miss cindy said...

I remember Pound Puppies, but maybe I was too young cause I don't ever remember there being a cartoon!

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