Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beth Fantaskey's "So Much Better Than Nice" Giveaway!

Ok, so you've read my review of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side and if you haven't run out to buy a copy yet, why the hell not? Are you waiting for the earth to move you? Come on!

Well, if you are hesitant to go out and buy it (for whatever insane reason), you can win it and so much more straight from Beth Fantaskey herself! Awesome, right? Here's the blast email she sent out -
Hi everybody!

To celebrate the launch of my new and improved website,, I’m hosting a “So Much Better Than ‘Nice’” giveaway. I’ve put together one grand prize package that I hope you’ll think is… well, “better than nice,” as Lucius would say!

(One of the prizes is DEFINITELY one of a kind…)

Stop by the site and click on “News and Updates” to enter by Midnight, EST, May 30.

And as always, thanks for your e-mails, etc.!

The prizes are absolutely wicked so be sure to stop by her site and enter!

1 comment:

robin_titan said...

Yay! thanks for posting about this, I'm off to enter! hehe :)

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