Saturday, May 30, 2009

Freaky Friday :|: 13

Belated. Obviously.

Title: Kill the Teacher's Pet
Author: Joseph Locke
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Published: September 1991
Pages: 176
Editorial Reviews:
Locke's menacing, albeit bizarre horror story takes a while to get started, but once it does, readers will be captivated. The sudden disappearance of Mr. Lehman, a high school teacher, has everyone stymied. Lenny, a self-described ``nerd,'' suspects Mr. Trancas, Lehman's replacement. Investigation yields incriminating evidence, and Lenny becomes convinced that Trancas has killed several brilliant students over the years. But none of Lenny's friends, including smart, beautiful Pamela, is swayed by his findings--until it's almost too late. The novel's main flaw (other than not disclosing why Trancas murdered Lehman) is the unlikely behavior of the characters: Lenny, for example, tells no one that he found Lehman's body in a shack on Trancas's property; Lenny and Pamela enter a suspected killer's home by themselves. The mounting tension, however, makes for suspenseful reading. (from

Flat, stock characters, reminiscent of the populace of Sweet Valley High, are strewn throughout this lurid tale of Wes Coswell, the substitute-teacher-from-hell, who leaves a trail of murdered teenage victims in his wake. The sub's grisly lesson plans are uncovered, along with the rotting body of the teacher he's been hired to replace, by Lenny, a nerdy Stephen King wannabe. This student hero triumphs in the predictable ending, curing his father's alcoholism and winning popularity and the cheerleader of his dreams, but not before readers must march through scenes of Lenny's abduction and subsequent torture, and witness the gratuitous stabbing of a kindly counselor. This pointless bit of horror fluff is neither well written nor thrilling. Truly awful. (from
Kind of polarizing, isn't it? I can't find a summary of the plot itself but it looks like these two reviews could be for different stories. The cover alone freaks me out and has me wanting to read it!

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