Thursday, December 30, 2010

All 2010 Reading Challenges Completed!

And I'm winded over here! I almost didn't think I'd make the YA Reading Challenge in time and if I didn't, I would have missed it by a single book. That would have rendered some serious self-ass-kicking. But I did it. I only participated in three this year, the Fantasy Reading Challenge, the Young Adult Reading Challenge and the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge. Just click on the respective images below to go check out my lists.

In 2011 I'm doing quite a few more but I have an epic shitload of books to read and since I can overlap all of the challenges, it's going to work out in the end and I won't be scrambling around on December 30th trying to wolf down books. I'll post those lists posts probably this weekend. I was going to do it tonight but it's already after 10 and I'm tired.

I hope everyone else's reading challenges went smoothly and you all have some good ones picked out for the coming year. Read on!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh lucky you! I would have hated missing just one book for a challenge. I'm only signed up for two challenges this year, and one is a challenge I started myself.

It's the Catherine Ryan Hyde challenge. I know you have a lot for 2011, but you "win" this one by reading ONE CRH book in the new year. Not too hard, I don't think! And you can get entered to win some fun prizes through the year if you do sign up. :)


Wrighty said...

Wow, terrific job! That was cutting it close but it makes it more exciting doesn't it? :) I need to line up a few challenges for myself this year.

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