Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skin by Rick Jasper (Night Fall series)

Published August, 2010.

It looks like a pizza exploded on Nick Barry's face. But bad skin is the least of his problems. His bones feel like living ice. A strange rash - like scratches - seems to be some sort of ancient code. And then there's the anger . . .

Something evil is living under Nick's skin. Where did it come from? What does it want? With the help of a dead kid's diary, a nun, and a local professor, Nick slowly finds out what's wrong with him. But there's still one question that Nick must face alone: how do you destroy an evil that's inside you? (book back blurb)

Another creeptastic installment in the Night Fall series from Darby Creek. If the cover doesn't skeeve you out, then the contents surely will. And it'll have you looking at your own emerging zits in a whole new, and terrifying, light.

If you didn't know, the Night Fall series is a YA series written specifically for the reluctant or slower reader that might not be able (or willing) to take on the bigger, heavier (not necessarily physically) tomes otherwise seen in YA. While the read is quick, it's effective. The writing's simple yet it portrays the horror the story is trying to get across. While it may be lacking in detail, the simplicity that it does provide is enough to make you question leaving the light on at night, proving that effective horror doesn't have to be a labyrinthine door stopper.

But just like the last Night Fall book I reviewed, Unthinkable, I wanted more from the story. As someone that certainly is not a reluctant reader, I wanted more depth than the story offered. The reasoning in this story is insane and oh so freakishly demented. God, I wanted more. I was craving details that I couldn't get. I wanted to feel more for Nick although I felt plenty for him already. I wanted a little more sense of his invisibleness although it was pretty evident considering those that helped him out were not his peers but adults.

Really, the only bad thing about this book was that there wasn't enough. I wanted more! More history! More Nick! More freaky ass skin issues! What was there had me freaked right the hell out. I can only imagine how creepy it would be if there was more fat to the story. I'm guessing I'd rightly lose sleep if there were any more to it because it had me cringing as it were. And it has me yearning for even more horror to come to the surface in the YA market.

If you know someone that's a reluctant reader and want to break them into the awesome that is books, the Night Fall series is a really good place to start, especially if they enjoy getting freaked out. Skin was just as good, if not better, than Unthinkable. I actually think I was a little more scared this time around. And I loved it.

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LM Preston said...

Oh this book sounds fun and spooky! Thanks for sharing the review!

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