Sunday, December 5, 2010

Added to the Pile + 57

Just the one book this week from Paperback Swap. It's hard for me to resist a good horror anthology.

You don't really want to read this . . . do you? The masters of horror are waiting to take you on a terrifying ride, and there are 13 stops.

Meet the new guy in town, very handsome, very sexy, and very deadly.

Dine on sweet and wonderfully inviting confections - they're good to the last breath.

Learn that some spells can never be broken . . .

Inside you'll find the works of 13 masters of horror. Let Christopher Pike, RL Stine, and the rest of our macabre crew show you the beauty in your worst nightmares - and the terror in your most exquisite dreams . . . (book back blurb)

1 comment:

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

I have this book and from what I remember it's really good! I read it when I was a lot much younger and it was pretty O.O at the time. I should go find it and read it once more haha. =D You'll enjoy it!

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