Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CSN Product Review: Slate Plant Tables

So when CSN contacted me to review something of their's again, I jumped on it. I did just move into my own place, after all, and I have some space to fill. This time around I needed some accent tables to fill a gap in a rather empty dining room. I chose the 4D Concepts 3 Piece Slate Square Plant Stands with Slate Tops.

See, I have an unintentional slate theme going on in my house. My dining table has a faux slate top. My coffee and end tables in my living room are hand-laid slate tiles. I go for the earthy neutrals. They're easier to match. So when I saw this set I just had to get them.

And let me tell you, they actually match my living room pretty damn closely. Even better, they're not shipped flat! They're small enough so that they fit in the box as you see them in the photo. You just have to pull them out and place them wherever you want to put them. Nice and easy. And let me tell you, I needed that after my move.

They fill a corner nicely and they're just big enough for a phone, plants or some little knick knacks you have hanging around. It's hard for me to test their stability because my floors are so uneven but they seem pretty stable. I like them, especially for how well they match my living room. I was very excited about that. Another win from CSN Stores!

1 comment:

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Very nice! And, love your hardwood floors. Mine are in need of some TLC.

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