Sunday, December 26, 2010

Calling Mallory!!!

With the numbers 432 in your email address! I've sent you an email about being a winner in my Holiday Book Grab Giveaway but I've yet to hear back from you. You have 24 hours from now to return my email and claim or prize or I will have to choose another winner. Don't lose your slot!

And to the rest of the winners, I wasn't able to get to the post office in time on Friday. Fingers crossed that the weather lightens up tomorrow and I can get to the post office in the afternoon to send everything off. But it's all in the car waiting!

1 comment:

Malbebe said...

I hope that Mallory responded to her e-mail. I saw the headline and was like is she talking about me? But I don't think I ever entered that giveaway. =)

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