Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not In My School (8)

Well, after eight weeks of Not In My School and a total of one participant (not including the people that leave comments) I've decided to de-meme the meme and just make it a feature.  A little less stress on my part and a little less sad all around.  I'm okay with it.  Trial and error and all of that.  But I like it enough to keep it around for a while.  Not to mention I have plenty to complain about!  So go ahead and comment to your heart's content.  It's just Not In My School is no longer meme-ified.

Not In My School is a weekly feature hosted by yours truly that throws out one YA lit cliche a week for you to compare to your own high school days, current or past. For more information go here.

What's going on this week?

Love triangles

What?  Did you think I was going to use a TWILIGHT image?  Because that's the first ever love triangle in YA?  Right.  Anyway, do you know what the girls who were involved with two boys simultaneously were called?  Sluts.  The girl that strung two guys along?  Skanks.  While love triangles are all super sexy in the books, in school, at least in my school, they were pretty much frowned upon.  And don't think girls were the only ones to get the names hurled at them.  It was equally gross for a guy to tag two girls (we really didn't have much same sex going on at the time).  Where is this acceptable behavior except in a hippie commune?
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