Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Author Bites - Marissa Meyer Teases The Lunar Chronicles

I will say I am a fan of Marissa Meyer's CINDER despite the ending that made me want to rip my hair out.  It's an amazing story and holy crap do I want to read more of it.  When I asked Marissa if she wanted to stop by and chat about CINDER she had the glorious brain child of an idea to talk about the FUTURE of The Lunar Chronicles.   OMMFGBBQ yes!  Like I'm going to pass that up.  So here you have it, Marissa giving some insight into the coming books in her Lunar Chronicles.  Thanks for stopping by, Marissa!

Coming Soon in The Lunar Chronicles

I’ve found that when I tell CINDER readers about my plans for the next three books in The Lunar Chronicles, many of them get a fearful, wide-eyed expression, and inevitably ask me—“Does this mean that there’ll be no more Cinder in the next books?”

The question is a logical one, because each book in the series is inspired by a different fairy tale: Cinderella (CINDER), Little Red Riding Hood (SCARLET), Rapunzel (CRESS), and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (WINTER). And yes, each of these classic heroines will make an appearance, with their own problems to deal with, their own goals to reach, and their own happily ever afters to claim.

But I’m here to put a rest to that fear that Cinder’s story is over—because I can guarantee much more Cinder and Kai in the upcoming books. More adventure, more romance, and—of course—more conflicts between good and evil are all in store for our cyborg heroine.

However, readers will also be introduced to a bunch of new characters that I am so excited for you to meet. Such as Scarlet. She’s spunky and hot-headed and fiercely loyal to the grandmother who raised her. She lives an uncomplicated life on a small farm in southern France—until one day her grandmother mysteriously vanishes. The only person who seems to have any answers is a city street fighter who calls himself Wolf, and while he’s willing to help Scarlet track down her missing grandmother, his motives and dark past are cause for plenty of suspicion.

Add to our band of unlikely allies an overconfident thief, a delirious aristocrat, a shy computer hacker, a secret revolutionary, a mad doctor (and more!), and I hope there will be a hero for everyone to root for, as these re-envisioned fairy tale characters join forces to fight against their mutual enemy:

A very devious, very cruel, very wicked queen.

Book 2 in The Lunar Chronicles: SCARLET will be out on February 5, 2013. I hope you’ll enjoy it!
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