Saturday, June 23, 2012

80s Awesomeness! ~ 165

80s Awesomeness! is an original concoction of my insanity need to live in the 80s. The flashback started here and posts weekly on Saturdays, highlighting the best of 80s fashion, music, movies and whatever else the coked up, yuppie Rubik's Cube decade can throw at you.

From Reese's Pieces to phoning home and every alien freak-out in between, ET effectively defined a decade.  And actually made aliens appealing although I doubt it made Ridley Scott happy.  You know you cried your eyes out when ET started dying and Eliot had to break him out of that lab.  And you cried again when Spielberg went insane and decided to "digitally remaster" the movie.  THOSE AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE WALKIE TALKIES!  Let's just keep the threat levels where they should be, shall we?

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