Sunday, June 17, 2012

Added to the Pile + 113

One book added this week.  I really am starting to deviate from YA.  I need VARIETY.  Thanks for helping me out in that regard, Netgalley!

BAD GLASS by Richaed E. Gropp

Something has happened in Spokane. The military has evacuated the city and locked it down. Even so, disturbing rumors and images seep out, finding their way onto the Internet, spreading curiosity, skepticism, and panic. For what they show is—or should be—impossible: strange creatures that cannot exist, sudden disappearances that violate the laws of physics, human bodies fused with inanimate objects, trapped yet still half alive. . . .

Dean Walker, an aspiring photographer, sneaks into the quarantined city in search of fame. What he finds will change him in unimaginable ways. Hooking up with a group of outcasts led by a beautiful young woman named Taylor, Dean embarks on a journey into the heart of a mystery whose philosophical implications are as terrifying as its physical manifestations. Even as he falls in love with Taylor—a woman as damaged and seductive as the city itself—his already tenuous hold on reality starts to come loose. Or perhaps it is Spokane’s grip on the world that is coming undone.

Now, caught up in a web of interlacing secrets and betrayals, Dean, Taylor, and their friends must make their way through this ever-shifting maze of a city, a city that is actively hunting them down, herding them toward a shocking destiny.  (

Part Jericho, part Walking Dead, THIS IS WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW.  Something different yet familiar.  Something that I can get sucked into that may or may not give me nightmares.  I know a book is leaving it's mark when I start dreaming about it.  I need that kind of impact in my life right now.
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