Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovely TV!

Since I always talk about my love for books here (it being a book blog and all), I figured on this Valentine's Day I'd mix it up a bit and talk a bit about the shows that I love. Or at least like enough to watch. I don't have cable so I'm not crazy up to speed about what's on but from what I do know is available, I'd rather shove pins into my eyes than watch most of it. But outside of all of that TV hate, a few shows have weaseled their way into my life and are nesting comfortably in my cockle area. These are those shows. You may or may not pick up on a theme.

Thanks to a very adamant friend INSISTED I watch Supernatural, I finally became hooked. Thanks to this friend I owned the first three seasons, and with her bringing the fourth season on vacation with us, thus introducing me to Castiel, I promptly bought my own copy, along with the fifth and dove right in. Yeah, I was a late bloomer. Really late since I really picked it up at the start of season 6. And while the show's totally shitting the bed lately and REALLY needs to be canceled to save the vestiges of its dignity that remain, I still can't help but love Sam and Dean. And the dead characters past that the show insisted on snuffing (Gabriel, Castiel, Bobby, Rufus). Crowley's cool too although he's not dead. Just absent. I'm still going to buy season 7 when it comes out on DVD simply to complete my collection. I'm praying to whatever god exists that it ends after that.

I'm not in love with Once Upon A Time but I like it enough to sit down, pull it up online and watch it every week. I want to see how long they're going to drag the story out and how much worse the queen's acting can get (because let's face it, she's a pretty big overactor). Still, I like the storyline and I'm REALLY rooting for Snow and Charming to finally get back together for real. Because I can be a sap.

Another show I'm not totally in love with but I like it more than Once Upon A Time, Grimm reminds me of Supernatural with a police procedural mom. It has a kind of quirk to it that Once doesn't but that monster of the week feel that Supernatural did in its early days. Plus Monroe is the saving grace of that show. If it weren't for him I don't know if I'd watch it. But as long as he's there, I'll keep tuning in. Or logging on, as it were.

The only non-paranormal show I watch, I can't help but love Bones. There is not a single character in this show that I don't like and for the love of god will Brennan and Booth get together already? Jeez! I find myself never getting tired of the set-up or the shit that constantly seems to happen to these guys. I keep tuning in and salivating for more. I'm pretty sure I cried through most of the season 6 episodes. I think Angela's pregnancy hormones were projected onto me.

My most recent obsession, the UK version of Being Human has burrowed under my skin and will not come out. Why not the US version? Probably because I watched the UK version first and nothing quite beats British humor. It can't be translated, it can't be replicated and instead of recreating the series the US should have just broadcasted this version here. I'd be okay with that. I'm not even through the second season yet and I'm twitching to watch more. Thankfully (or not) UK series are short so I don't have many episodes to get through but still. I know what I'm doing this holiday weekend. I've already cheated a bit and looked ahead to see when Herrick is coming back. I love him.

I've been an addict since it was released in 2010. Zombies? Yes. AMC? Yes. Sexyshirt that played Jamie in Love Actually? Yes. I'm there. I really don't know how to carry on talking about The Walking Dead without totally fangirling it. But I love it so. It's such a great story, the characters are insane and I can't take my eyes off of the TV. More watching to do this weekend, I have the latest episode in the boiler.

At the behest of many people, I finally started watching True Blood and yes, hooked, if only for the Eric Northman sexy times (because Bill's far too brooding and I HATE the way he says Sookie . . . Sookeh) and Pam. Total girl crush on Pam. Sookie is a basketcase that I'm hoping gets hit by a car but everyone else is pretty cool. I still haven't seen the fourth season because I was catching up on the first three while it was airing. When I was finally able to watch season 4, it was done and unavailable because HBO is evil. I'm waiting for the DVD release date so I can order and devour it and then watch season 5 as it plays thanks to soldier boy's cable. Yeah, he likes it too. Hates most of the cast but loves the show. I still don't understand but at least I have a True Blood buddy.
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