Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coming Soon - A Week with Carolrhoda Lab!

Carolrhoda Lab should be no stranger to the readers of this blog. I've read nearly every title on their list since they formed into existence and I've loved them all. An imprint of Lerner Publishing, Carolrhoda Lab focuses on the different, the intense and the impacting. There isn't a book with Carolrhoda that won't grip you to pieces. Every single one of them will latch onto a piece of your soul and stay there, festering and pulling at you. Their books are powerful and they'll leave a mark. Andrew Karre, the big editor over at Carolrhoda Lab, has been able to nail down a niche and hit the mark so hard he's blown a hole the size of a watermelon through the target.

It's because of this inherent awesomeness that I wanted to give them a platform to be able to talk about themselves a little because, in my opinion, they're still one of the silent knights of the publishing industry. They're quiet, sitting in the corner while the big guys function around them. They deserve to be heard and their books deserve to be talked about.

So I've dedicated February 27th to March 2nd as Carolrhoda Lab's official week here on Bites where Andrew Karre and Elizabeth Dingmann, Carolrhoda Lab's awesome publicist, will stop by to talk about the behind the scenes workings of CL while I keep throwing CL title reviews at you all. And at the end of the week I'm going to be having an awesome giveaway filled with Carolrhoda Lab goodies!

It will be truly awesome so mark your calendars and stop on by at the end of the month. You won't want to miss it.
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