Sunday, February 19, 2012

Added to the Pile + 103

I've got a mighty haul this week. Well, it's big for me. Still small peanuts for some others but it's still all adding to my already overgrown pile. Not like I'm complaining. Much. I'm just waiting for more hours to be added to the day.

Thanks to a super gracious book faery I received the following -

She loves me so. We are evil twins after all.

And then from Macmillan I received -

Carolrhoda Lab sent over the following so I can share the awesomeness it's undoubtedly going to be for their special week -

I stumbled upon some NetGalley titles this week too. There are definitely some good ones out there!

From Open Road Media -

THE INVITATION by Diane Hoh (because they're bringing back the cheese and I love it so)

From Macmillan -

And last but not least, from Penguin -

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