Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A little bit of me

I saw this over on Helen's Book Blog so I'm throwing in my little piece of myself. I hope it doesn't splatter everywhere.

Age: 28

Bed Size: Queen

Chore that you hate: Washing the dishes. Can't someone else do it?

Dogs: I think so . . .

Essential start to your day: Waking up.

Favorite colors: Green and the colors of a sunset (shut up).

Gold or silver: Silver (because Slytherin rules).

Height: 5'3 3/4" (when you're this short, specifics count)

Instruments you play: Does an iPod count?

Job title: Insurance Underwriter

Kids: Only when I can brew them in a bathtub like a packet of sea monkeys.

Live: In the remnants of the autumnal dysentery of Connecticut.

Overnight hospital stays: None

Pet peeves: Stupid people, prideful people, people.

Quote from a movie: "If you want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly." Guess the movie.

Right or left-handed: Right

Siblings: Not a one

Time you wake up: Far too early for my liking.

Underwear: Usually, except during yoga. That would be just a different level of horrible.

Vegetable you hate: Brussel sprouts. Rancid alien pods.

What makes you run late: Traffic and people not grasping the concept of merging.

X-Rays you've had: Holy shit, really? Both collar bones, both elbows, both ankles, hips, knees, teeth.

Yummy food that you make: A multi-layer Mexican dip heavy enough to make you able to curl the pan.

Zoo animal: Tigers
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