Monday, November 14, 2011

The Guardian, Random House and Root

The Guardian, in collaboration with Random House, have started up an interactive online serial filled with spy games and espionage! The story is called Root and a new chapter is posted daily. The content of the chapters is influenced by reader input where you can even recommend characters and skill sets to be brought into the story.

A little blurb on the general gist of the story -

The heroine Molly Root is a 15 year old computer genius whose friend Danny is killed after being caught stealing priceless data from a ruthless global corporation. Now she's in over her head. So far Molly Root's mission to get to the bottom of her best friend's murder has taken her on a perilous trail across London. Her key lead is a dodgy police detective - and her attempts to expose his shady contacts are testing her ingenuity to the limits.

If that's catching your fancy, then just head on over to the site and get yourself caught up! You can even follow along via Twitter or Facebook and get interactive with some quizzes and puzzles. Be sure to check it out!
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