Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Thank You

Deirdra over at A Storybook World stopped by my blog at the end of August to let me know that she liked my blog and wanted to give me a little something for my efforts (since Ban This! took up all of my September, I haven't had a chance to show it off until now). At her site she has blog awards that she hands out to bloggers who she thinks fit the bill. It was my lucky day because she's given me the Best Book Blog Award! It's not one of those herpes chain awards that get passed around (although I am appreciative when I do get those). It's just a hint of recognition from someone that wanted to pay it forward. So thank you, Deirdra! Be sure to check out her blog. It's an informative site for writers, readers and all those who love books.

It's always nice to get an appreciative thanks for my efforts. :) I don't think we say thank you to each other enough.
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