Saturday, October 15, 2011

Check Out My Wicked Halloween Decorations!

As you all know, Halloween is my favorite holiday so it's no surprise that I decorate for it. I don't go all crazy tacky with my decorations. I prefer well-placed things that are actually nominally creepy as opposed to overblown, blow-up lawn decorations. Creepy rather than cartoony is more my thing for Halloween. I need the ambiance.

Which is my I love crafts and craft fairs. But this season has been somewhat lacking in what I've been looking for in Halloween crafts in my local area. So where do I go? I took to Etsy. I was bound to find something there. And oh did I!

I stumbled upon this Macbeth set of a witch hat and four containers of "potions" from one seller so I set it aside. Then I came across and epic-looking crow pie. Set that aside too. Lo and behold they're both from the same seller and holy crap, the seller is local! Meet Lilac Pumpkin! It's a lot of papier mache stuff, a lot of foam and whatnot, but all highly detailed. The pictures alone make me want to buy out the store. So I settled with my two pieces and waited not-so-patiently. Thankfully I didn't have to wait long because it was shipping in-state, in a state that's the size of a postage stamp.

So yesterday I come home from work to a big box waiting on my stairs. Yay! Here's what was inside.

Everything all hanging out together. I just love it, except for it's stinkiness. All of the paints and whatever that was used are pretty strong still.

See what I mean about detail? It's a dog tongue! (not really but it still looks really neat)

Eyeballs! There are eyeballs in the jar! From some monster newts!

And of course, the crow pie. Epic. Check the term if you're looking at this and going WTF?

You can see higher resolution images of the hat and potions here and of the crow pie here. Beware of subtle differences. Adds to their uniqueness. God, I love Etsy. It's such a drain on my checking account but this stuff is amazing. Totally worth it.
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