Sunday, October 16, 2011

Creep Factor + 1

The last couple of years, around Halloween, I've been making posts under the label of Fright Fest, highlighting awesome horror movies from over the years. Now I'm going to broaden the scope a bit and add in some extras; not just horror movies but spooky things. Creepy buildings that give good scary inspiration or some cemetery pictures that could get your spooky juices flowing. The title will now be Creep Factor in my Features index, slightly modified to fit the new format.

So for the first Creep Factor I'm going to give you a building. It's local for me, less than an hour away down by the shore in Connecticut. Ghost seekers galore would go here, trying to hunt out the rumors of hauntings. It is a sanatorium, after all. There's bound to be something left behind, lurking in the shadows. The Norwich State Hospital was, of course, a hospital for the mentally ill. They were all the rage, you know. Of course, due to budget concerns, the place closed and has been left to rot ever since. There's been some speculation as to what's going to be placed there, if anything. Some say an amusement park (for serious, people are demented), others say a mall. But nothing's happened yet.

Last year the people from the show Ghost Hunters were granted filming access to the hospital. That comes with some bragging rights because the state has never before allowed filming to go on in there, although many have asked. I don't know why they let them go now. Solider Boy had to do some urban warfare training there. At night. He said it freaked him the hell out. He'd come upon a room where a chair and random teddy bear were set up all creepy and he'd just stomp out. Water would be flowing through the pipes and it'd echo, making creepy sounds. Pretty horrifying.

You can find more pictures at the Opacity site linked above.

(Images from Google Images.)
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