Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Horror Giveaway!

October would not be the same for me if I didn't have some kind of Halloween giveaway. It is my favorite holiday after all. What with all the candy and scary stories and autumn, what's not to love? So I've put a little something together for this lovely month and here's what I've got!

Three scary books, three goody bags, three winners. Each winner will take home one book and one goody bag filled with all sorts of Halloween sweets!

This time I'm not using a Google form. For this it'll just be easier if I use my comments set-up. My comments can be used for discussions with the reply feature. But you guys are going to use them for extra entries by replying to your original entry comment. Here's the deal -

In your initial entry comment, post the following -
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Google Friend Connect name (Blogger profile name)
That gets you entered into the giveaway. For extra entries, reply to your original entry comment with links to your spooky posts. They can be reviews for horror novels, horror movies, a monthly October feature or anything generally scary or Halloween-related. For each extra link you want to post, reply separately to your original comment (one link per reply). And this is retroactive! I will accept links dating from October 1st through the end of the giveaway.

For anyone that doesn't have a blog, you'll get extra entries for promoting the giveaway. Just leave the links like those with blog posts would above. Each link to your promo (Twitter link, Facebook link, whatever), gets its own reply to your initial giveaway comment. This is exclusive to blogless entrants only! You will not get extra entries for promotion if you're listing post links! I had to make it even somehow.

Make sense? If not then just yell. I'll do an example to start, just so you can see what I'm talking about. Of course, I have the details for the giveaway, just like I do the rest of them -
  • Open to US residents 13 years of age and older only.
  • One entry per person per email address.
  • Duplicate entries will be deleted.
  • Following my blog is required in order to be entered.
  • Giveaway ends October 21st at midnight, EST.
Good luck, my Halloweenies! Before you go, here are the blurbs for the books.


SOMEONE ELSE WILL DIE SOON she tells herself.


A few days after the first time you walk in your sleep, you kill someone. That's how the end begins.

Emma Montgomery has been having gruesome nightmares. Even worse, when she wakes up, she isn't where she was when she fell asleep. And she's not the only one. One by one the students of Saint Opportuna High start having nightmares, and sleepwalking. And the next morning one of their classmates turns up dead.

Something is making them kill in their sleep. Emma and her friends need to band together, to keep themselves awake until they can figure out what's behind the murders--before anyone else dies.


The papers call it “The Suicide Virus.” The teenagers of Gethsemane, Ohio, are killing themselves at an alarming rate.

Steven Wrigley is trying to survive his senior year of high school, still reeling from the death of his mother and adjusting to life with his father. Along the way, he meets a girl who becomes another kind of obsession: Elise Devon.

Elise’s secrets keep her distanced from everyone. She has a special place she calls the Obscura. She goes there when she is depressed or angry. The Obscura makes her feel like nothing she’s ever felt before. When she loses herself to the Obscura, she fears she also gives herself to something much darker, something much more powerful. Something calling itself the Sorrow King.

Who is the Sorrow King?

He is carved from wood and bone.

He smells like wax, dead leaves, and memories.

He travels by moonlight and drinks the sorrow of others.

Can love exact vengeance on a monster made from madness, depression, and misery? Or will the Sorrow King bleed the town dry before satiating himself and moving on?


The community of Cryer’s Cross, Montana (population 212) is distraught when high school freshman Tiffany disappears without a trace. Already off-balance due to her OCD, 16-year-old Kendall is freaked out seeing Tiffany’s empty desk in the one-room school house, but somehow life goes on... until Kendall's boyfriend Nico also disappears, and also without a trace. Now the town is in a panic. Alone in her depression and with her OCD at an all-time high, Kendall notices something that connects Nico and Tiffany: they both sat at the same desk. She knows it's crazy, but Kendall finds herself drawn to the desk, dreaming of Nico and wondering if maybe she, too, will disappear...and whether that would be so bad. Then she begins receiving graffiti messages on the desk from someone who can only be Nico. Can he possibly be alive somewhere? Where is he? And how can Kendall help him? The only person who believes her is Jacian, the new guy she finds irritating...and attractive. As Kendall and Jacian grow closer, Kendall digs deeper into Nico's mysterious disappearance only to stumble upon some ugly—and deadly—local history. Kendall is about to find out just how far the townspeople will go to keep their secrets buried.
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