Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Old School YA Reading Challenge


If you're familiar with my blog at all, then you know about my Freaky Friday feature that highlights one old school piece of horror of the YA variety published between 1980 and 1999 a week. Why? Because the market now is so unbelievably lacking in good YA horror and I yearn for those days when there was a bit of a flood of it. And it's because of my feature that I've started collecting all those old school copies of YA horror and I've developed a little bit of a pile already.

So when I saw The Book Vixen's YA of the 80s and 90s Reading Challenge, if course I jumped all over it. I do, after all, have a stack of books waiting in the wings to be read that fit this mould exactly. So for now I'll start with 10 although I have a few more than that in my TBR pile. We'll see how the year goes.

1. The Immortal by Christopher Pike
2. Die Softly by Christopher Pike
3. Party Summer by RL Stine
4. The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike
5. The Last Vampire 2: Black Blood by Christopher Pike
6. The Last Vampire 3: Red Dice by Christopher Pike
7. The Prom Queen by RL Stine
8. The Forbidden Game, Volume 1: The Hunter by LJ Smith
9. Let Me Tell You How I Died by Sinclair Smith
10. The New Girl by RL Stine

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Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

THIS is the one I'm most excited about! I plan on re-reading a lot of my favorites from childhood and even diving into some series I never got the chance to read.

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