Saturday, December 26, 2009

80s Awesomeness! ~ 43

Valley Girls!!!

Like, totally. Fer shur. If you had big hair (well, who didn't?), hung out at the mall and sounded like you sucked helium and got a lobotomy (not necessarily in that order), then chances were you were a valley girl. Other tell tale signs were side pony tails, the "hottest" fashions and a good tanned sneer. I'm not sure which valley these chicks were from since there are a few valleys in the Los Angeles area (San Fernando, Death, whatever, does it matter?). Apparently sounding like a total tool was the "it" thing in the 80s, that is, if you swung in that crowd, or wanted to be in that crowd. Me, if someone told me to "bag my face," I'd go grab a plastic bag and tell them to play with it. And then I'd get a dictionary because what the hell does that mean anyway?


Shalonda said...

I love watching 80s movies just for the Valley Girls! They are such idiots, it's entertaining.

Was just watching Teen Witch last night and the dancing scene in the locker room performed by the cheerleaders was a hot Valley Girl mess!

hcmurdoch said...

Like I was in like high school in southern California in the '80s and it was totally bitchin' dude. And, you know, if someone's hair was all small, it TOTALLY gagged us with a spoon.

Whoah! Flashback. We loved the Go-Gos, had big hair, and wore the clothes. The talk/voice we put on/faked and it was fun. I love the movie Valley Girls! I had the biggest crush on Nicholas Cage as the bad boy

Donna said...

I always thought this accent was fake and made simply for cheesy 80s movies. Then I went abroad and ended up in school with some sorority girls from USC and, um, it was a rude awakening. It was earth shattering to find out that the valley girl accent was, indeed, real. And it was a little disturbing too.

The Book Vixen said...

What a great flashback! I grew up in The Valley (like totally, Oh My Gawd!). Like they say, "You can take the girl out of The Valley but you can't take The Valley out of the girl". LOL

And just for the record, the Galleria was in Sherman Oaks, not Encino (though they're neighboring cities). The new Galleria is nothing compared to the 3-story O.G. version. Lots of good times were had there. I miss the 80s!

Lauren said...

Wait, the Valley Girl accent is *real*? Now that's a shocker. Although I still maintain that it's not real on most of the girls that talk that way. Surely?!

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