Saturday, July 18, 2009

How Shall I Tell the Dog? by Miles Kington + Contest!

Published July, 2009.

When some people are told they have only a few months to live, they might travel around the world or quietly put their affairs in order. When it happened at the age of 66 to Miles Kington - one of England's best-loved humorists - he did what he did best, offering wry, laugh-out-loud observations about his situation. Following his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, Kington embarked on How Shall I Tell the Dog?, written as a series of letters to his literary agent and longtime friend, Gill, in which he proposes crazier and crazier ideas for a new book that "cashes in on cancer."

His final musings include everything from the irony of
1,000 Places to See Before You Die and creating a funeral video ("Hello. I'm sorry I couldn't be here in person with you today"), to the notion of creating cancer language guides (Parlez-vous Cancer?) and the prospect of being outlived by his dog, Berry. Mischievous and utterly original, Kington's final words are a celebration of life. (book back blurb)

This is another one of my BEA ARCs that I thought looked endearing enough when I picked it up. It's slated as, "A book to make the Grim Reaper laugh" and I honestly thought it would be more musings about how to go about telling his dog that he was dying. I really don't want to criticize a dead guy's final book but . . .

I was just rather annoyed with the humor. I didn't find it all that funny. Maybe I didn't get the British wit. Maybe, to some people, there is something funny about a guy who just has nothing but ideas but no motivation to follow through with any of them. Considering its ringing motif throughout, I just found it annoying and, eventually, grating. Just shut up about the ideas already. You're obviously going nowhere with them. To me, that's what this guy did himself to his agent, which I only found more annoying.

Like I said, maybe that is the humor. I just didn't find it funny. I don't know who Miles Kington was. I've never heard of him before picking up this book. I couldn't tell you if I genuinely liked his humor or not. But judging by this book alone, I don't. It's exceptionally dry. And I like dry humor. I found this so dry it was, for the most part, humorless.

It wasn't the book I thought it was going to be which I think hardened it even more. There were a couple of chuckle parts but none of this laugh-out-loud that the blurb said would be in there. At least not for me. Again, maybe I just didn't get the humor. But hopefully someone else will.


Does this sound like something you might get a kick out of? Then comment with your email to enter to win it. Answer this questions for an extra 2 points - Who's your favorite comedianand why? Follow (new or old, doesn't matter) for another 2 points. I'll open this one up to international readers as well since it's a British author. Contest will end August 8th. Good luck!


Jen said...

I don't know about the book, but I love British Humor.

Comedian wise I like funny news segments on youtube like the Phillip Defranco Show and Whatthebuck.

Also I like the VLR podcast!

Barbara said...

Some British humor just goes over my head also there's the whole language barrier to deal with. Never heard of this guy. The title makes it sound interesting but I guess much like you can't judge a book by a cover you can't judge it by the title either.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'd love to enter. I like British humor for the most it sounds like a good book.

+ I already follow

+ My favorite comedian? I'm not really sure. I love Ellen Degeneres b/c she talks about a lot of things I can understand and relate too. Mitch Hedburg was great funny, loved the way he spoke.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Bianca said...

I would love to be enter! Sounds like a good book. :)

+2 I loveee Kathy Griffin. I can't get enough of her! I wish I could've got tix to see her show, when she comes to my city.

infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

barbrafl said...

+1 Commenting now
+2 Tiny Fey! She's my absolute favorite. I have never seen her in anything that wasn't hysterical. She's just all around funny :D
+2 Follower

Thanks for the contest!
barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Misusedinnocence said...

I would like to read this.

Miss Cindy said...

Too bad you didn't like it, but I'd read it if I won it :)

enter me please


+1 Adam Sandler because I love his movies, and the way he sings :)
+2 follower

Llehn said...

I'd love to play please.

+1 Robin Williams because his brain works at lightning speed
+2 follower.


maria jose said...

please enter me (:

speckldharted22 said...

enter me!!

speckldharted22 at aim dot com

adam sandler cause he is the funniest of the funny

Ninja Fanpire said...

Shawna said...

Shawna Lewis

Thanks for this chance to win this cool book

+1 I love Bill Cosby he rocks!!!

+2 I am a follower of your blog ;o)

Anonymous said...

Acacia McMurtrey

Count me in thanks

Anonymous said...

Blair W

Put me in the pile i'm feeling lucky

Rachel said...

1) Dane Cook because he is hilarious and I've seen a lot of his live shows.
2) I'm a follower

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