Sunday, July 19, 2009

Added to the Pile + 9 + Reminder!

Just to remind you all, my contest for Ash by Malinda Lo ends tonight at midnight EST so be sure to get your entries in before then!

I finally got my book from my lovely Canadian friend and you can bet your ass you're not going to be finding any pussy glitterpires in this one (unless it's in the "worst" section).

The Girls' Guide to Vampires - All you need to know about the original bad boys by Barb Karg

Loving a vampire can suck.

The good news is: He's tall, dark and handsome.

The bad news is: He's an arrogant bloodsucker who comes out at night . . .

. . . which makes dating difficult because you have a curfew! How do you explain this to your family? Your friends? Will he leave you for an immortal hottie? No worries - in The Girl's Guide to Vampires, you'll learn everything you need to know about these naughty night stalkers, including:
  • How to spot a vampire
  • What to do when he sets his fangs on you
  • How to avoid his devastating charm
  • How to destroy a vampire (before he destroys you!)
  • The best - and worst - vampire books, TV shows and films
  • Tales from girls who have encountered vampires
Forget about resisting the biting spell of the undead. With The Girl's Guide to Vampires you can surrender to the night - and true blood.


Lizzy said...

The Girl's Guide to Vampires sounds cute. I might have to add it to my list. Happy reading!

Turtle said...

looks hilarious! Hmmm, i should get one for my daughter!

Barbara said...

Sounds like a cute book so like the dork that I am I'll be heading over to the library's website to see if I can put it on hold. Too bad they don't give out scholarships for people who need money to buy books.

RagDollVampGirl said...

YAY!! I HAve This Book! It's Really Cute And "Educational"! LOL!! I Hope You Enjoy It..


Anonymous said...

"any pussy glitterpires"


Now, I'm still waiting for your HBP review which makes me wonder what is going on?

Hillary said...

I got that for a friend for her birthday. She really loved it.

Miss Cindy said...

I think this might be a book I saw a Borders. I read a bit and it sounded good, but I didn't pick it up! I will soon though...

Donna said...

I'm definitely twitching to read this one!

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