Friday, May 7, 2010

Features Index

To check out archives of my blog's features, just click a link below.

Posted on Wednesdays, I take the weekly YA lit cliche topic and tell the world what it was really like in my school.

Freaky Friday
Posted on Fridays, a YA horror book released between 1980 and 1999 is featured.

80s Awesomeness!
Posted on Saturdays, it's a blast from the 80s past.

Things I've Learned from Books
Posted on Sundays, I highlight an informational tidbit I've learned from recent reads.

Author Bites
Sporadic guest posts from authors of books I've loved.

Creep Factor
Sporadic posts highlighting various creepy, Halloweenish elements for horror-filled ambiance.

Added to the Pile
While not Bites-specific, this is just my easy way of getting the FTC off my back.

Book reviews from my super awesome book club.

YA Boys That Make Shitty Toys
Sporadic posts highlighting douche bags in YA


Beverly said...

Just hoppin' by - stop by my blog The Wormhole

Anonymous said...

This looks great! ^_^ I love reading!

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