Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feature Debut - Not In My School!

Oh hey!  Lookie here!  I'm starting something new!  What is it?  Other than a feature, you mean?

See, I wanted to freshen up my blog a little bit.  Just a smidge.  So I started fishing around in my brain for things to do and I landed on finding things in the YA books I read that just didn't hold true for me while I was in high school, like the snatchy cheerleader or wanting to be like the popular girls, for instance.  I'm constantly comparing things I see in books to my own high school experiences and I know I can't be the only one.

So I started rummaging around and I didn't find thing like this (if I'm mistaken don't be afraid to say so) so I said, "why the hell not?"  So I gathered up more cliches, wrote myself a nice laundry list, made a pretty little banner and went at it!  Posted on Wednesdays, expect to see just a little more snark from yours truly.

Cliches garnered from Joelle Anthony, Maybe Genius, Kidlit.com, Yahoo! Answers, Teens Writing for Teens, Down the Rabbit Hole, Leigh Ann Kopans, Carissa Taylor and my own noggin.


1 - The clumsy kid, usually female and endearing to the point of fawning over

2 - The snatchy cheerleader

3 - The best friend love interest with oblivious consequences

4 - Redheads and their fiery shenanigans

5 - Boys with super long lashes

6 - Contrived slang

7 - The boring, droll plain but new girl that everyone falls all over themselves for

8 - Love triangles

9 - Funky eye color

10 - Dead parents

11 - Super douche love interest

12 - The chosen one

13 - Unsympathetic parents

14 - Proms actually IN the school

15 - The skinny chick that wants to gain weight

16 - Evil step-parents

17 - Magical objects

18 - Weird character names

19 - Writers everywhere

20 - Stalkers
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