Friday, December 11, 2009

Freaky Friday :|: 41

Title: The Boy Next Door
Author: Sinclair Smith
Published: February 1995
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Pages: 160
Randy falls for the strange boy who moves into the deserted house next door and soon shares his fun in scaring people--but his tricks begin to turn deadly, and she realizes she does not know him at all. (from
Summary 2:
The bestselling author of Let Me Tell You How I Died delivers nail-biting new chills and thrills when a young girl discovers that the charming boy next door is really very dangerous--and that he's not really living next door. He's in the crawl-space under her house. (from
The second summary sounds so much more creepy! The more I post about this author, the more I want to read these books, I'm telling you! Being creeped out (at least fictionally, anyway) is fun!

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