Thursday, December 3, 2009

12 Blogs of Christmas

Hosted by the wonderfully fantastic Elie of Ellz Readz, I'm participating in the bestest holiday round robin contest in the 'sphere, 12 Blogs of Christmas! Starting December 12, the twelve participating blogs will start posting stupendous Christmas contests for all to participate it! One blog a day for twelve days. How cool is that? Here's the list of blogs that are participating -

Day 1 - The Neverending Shelf
Day 2 - Literary Escapism
Day 3 - Library Lounge Lizard
Day 4 - Bites
Day 5 - Ellz Readz
Day 6 - The Page Flipper
Day 7 - Luxury Reading
Day 8 - Princess Bookie
Day 9 - Shooting Stars Mag
Day 10 - Book Rat
Day 11 - The Shady Glade
Day 12 - vvb32 reads

So be sure to bookmark these sites and once the twelfth rolls around, start your entering for your chance to win a slew of awesome stuff! If you want to help spread the word, be sure to snag the button over there in my sidebar and post to your heart's content!

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