Sunday, December 27, 2009

Added to the Pile + 22

Nothing in the mail and I didn't buy anything but I got one book for Christmas and a $50 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. That won't be spent until after the new year since I need calendars and those prices are cut in half once 2010 hits. And the book I got was The Darwin Awards 4 by Wendy Northcutt from my dad. Apparently he found it fitting for me. What? Me find humor in stupid people eliminating themselves from the gene pool? Nooooooooooo.

I also got some other fun things for Christmas including a new printer/fax/copier/scanner that I asked for. New pretty printing and scanning! Yay! I also got an Indo Board (again, I asked for it) which is a balance board people use not only for exercise but to develop skills for surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. It's also an excellent way to rearrange your face without the excessive cost of plastic surgery. If you ever get one of those, use a bed without hard edges as a balance because if you suck, you're going to want that mattress catching your face. And I got this make-up kit from Bare Minerals that I was drooling over in the store but no one but my mom knew that I wanted it. Then my step-mom apparently had a mind meld and got it for me. I squeed. Funky eyeshadows! Yay! I also got a bunch of little stuff, a bunch of funky stuff, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on dvd. More yay! What'd you get?

Named after Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, The Darwin Awards pays homage to those who improve our gene pool . . . by removing themselves from it.

Most of us know instinctively that igniting a blasting cap in our mouth is a recipe for disaster. Darwin Award winners do not. Most of us have basic sound judgment that eliminates the need for NO SMOKING signs at ammo dumps. Darwin Award winners do not. Whether it's head-butting motorcyclists, thallium-snorting soldiers, or hatchet-wielding men who mistake a body part for a chicken neck, there's no shortage of creative Darwin Award winners. There's a reason the instructions say, "Don't heat your lava lamp on the stove." Only a Darwin Award winner would learn the fatal reason why.

Filled with over a hundred new tales of evolution in action, science essays by guest writers, and a parody research paper supporting Intelligent Design,
The Darwin Awards 4 shows that when it comes to common sense, natural selection still has a long way to go. (book flap blurb)


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Oh you have a wonderful gift card that would be burning a hole in my pocket!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I do love gift cards. :) I still need HP 6 on DVD. Will be getting that. I got a collection of Amelia Bedelia stories b/c I love her and the book Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby.


Laura (The Bookie Bunch) said...

Great books! Nothing is better than a Barnes and Noble gift card!

Here's what I got this week!

Have a great and safe New Year!

runa said...

Oh, Darwin Awards <3

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