Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Those That Will Be Reread

In the spirit of balance, and not making myself look like a total snatch (a little snatchy, okay, not total) I give you the opposite to Sunday's post, Those That Cannot Be Unread, Those That Will Be Reread.

Just like there are books that have the potential to send one into a homicidal rage, there are others that bring such overwhelming joy and awe and total fangirl/boying that they become a rereading requirement. Not only that, you take the opportunity, every opportunity, no matter if it's a legitimate opportunity or a random name-drop that makes you look a little crazy, to talk about these books, for they are that awesome.

These books make me want to drop them on the ground, open to a random page and scent them like a dog finding that perfect spot in the grass to roll around in. They are the books that are so amazing that forming intelligible, coherent thoughts about them is flushed down the toilet, to be replaced by quiet weeping with a squeal that grows into a scream, as if you were 13 and at a New Kids concert in 1990.

Like the unread-able, I've limited this post to 3 titles, otherwise it'd require 846 scrolls to get to the bottom. Frankly it's late and I don't want to be formatting forever.

My sister in snark will disagree with me on this but sometimes I question her tastes. I was so blown away by Beddor's bastardizing of Alice in Wonderland that I was in shock. The world . . . it's so rich! And genius! And totally upfront about its adult themes! Not to mention it contained my first, and quite possibly only, book crush, Hatter. For serious. I want to keep that dude in a cage in my basement. Want. Really it's the world that sucked me in, as I'm a world sucker. Er, a sucker for good world-building (as regular readers of my reviews would know). Reading this is like watching a movie. One that I want to jump into. Hatter?

DRAW THE DARK by Ilsa J. Bick

Seriously? Because I haven't completely fangirled every word Ilsa's ever written on this blog and everywhere I even remotely have a voice? My Ilsa love started here, with DARK THE DARK. I wasn't hooked initially but once the story started rolling I sure as shit wasn't about to get off. Christian's story, the history, the maybe-supernatural-but-maybe-not element all rolled into Ilsa's words had me in a happy coma by the end of it, perhaps drooling a little. Again, totally flabbergasted by the awesomeness of this title. I honestly don't know what else to say about it other than it's awesome. AWESOME.

Written as, literally, the antithesis to TWILIGHT, Bloss shows what an Edward relationship really looks like and it's not all sparkly pretty cock. It's ugly and uncomfortable and ostracizing. The physical reaction this book made me have was enough to ratchet it up to the top of my list. It reminded me. While not having lived this to such an extent, I remember the feelings when I didn't necessarily want to. It should be required teaching in high school. Even middle school. The awareness that it elicited should be enough of an eye-opener to women. Edward isn't all he's cracked up to be and Bloss cracked his ass wide open.

No, I did not intend for all of my reread authors to be B's. They just happened to fall in line on my squeemers shelf on Goodreads. So, what books have you read that absolutely demand they be reread?
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