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Author Bites - Mari Mancusi Hearts Zombies + A Giveaway!

At this point it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Mari Mancusi is all about zombies (among other things). She hearts them like whoa. As if the epicness of TOMORROW LAND wasn't enough to convince you, Mari's stopped by to list some of her favorite zombie things. And they're pretty awesome zombie things, I might add. Just to note, any italics are mine because I totally have some commentary on this one.

My Favorite Things – Zombie edition!
By Mari Mancusi

In my post-apocalyptic YA novel, Tomorrow Land, I write about a zombie-infested, near-future Earth where humans are no longer in charge. Most of the world has been wiped out by a killer plague and those who didn’t die of the sickness now walk the Earth, looking to feed.

Nineteen year old Peyton and her ex-boyfriend Chase must find a way to not only survive themselves, but keep a ragtag group of children safe. Their goal? To make a post-apocalyptic pilgrimage to the last remaining human outpost on Earth—Walt Disney World. All while trying to stay clear of the jaws of those pesky walking dead.

But while real life zombies would be, admittedly, a bit of a drag—luckily we are fortunate to live in a world where fake zombie stuff abounds. So today I thought I’d introduce you to some of my favorite zombie awesomeness.

Zombie Shoes
When I first posted these on my blog a few years back, a lot of people thought that they were some sort of April Fool’s joke. But I can assure you, they’re very real and very cool! Imagine the fashion statement you’d make, walking down the streets of New York City in these bad boys! Just be sure to kick them off in case of a real life zombie apocalypse; let’s just say those shoes ain’t made for runnin’... (Seriously, I own three pairs of Iron Fist shoes and they're effing epic! And far more comfortable than they look.)

Zombie Jell-O
My husband hates most sweets, but he’s a sucker for Jell-O. And what better way to serve the jiggly stuff then in the form of a human brain? I mean, just think of the possibilities. Whip it out come Thanksgiving Day and you’d totally score second and third helpings of Aunt Edna’s award winning mashed potatoes—as everyone else would running to the bathroom to puke. EPIC WIN!

Zombie Board Games
This one is called Zombies!!! (Yes, with the exclamation points) and there are a bunch of expansion packs as well. You play by trying to get through the town and to the helicopter, without being eaten by a roving zombie. The board is built as you go and other players send the zombies after you to prevent you from stealing their helicopter seat. It can get very cut throat! The only issue I have with this game is it takes a LONG time to actually win. So keep some snacks nearby or your fellow players may start eyeing your own brain for dessert.

Zombie Ironic T-Shirts
For your inner hipster. There are a ton of them out there, all wrought with wit and humor. Some of my favorites include: “Fast Zombies Suck” (and on the reverse: “Slow Zombies Rule”) for those who prefer old school zombies to the newer incarnations. And then there’s “Zombies Make Better Boyfriends” which I truly believe, at times. (After all, you can be assured they want you for your brain!) And then there’s the ever useful “In Case of a Zombie Apocalypse, Follow Me!” t-shirt for those of you born leaders out there, ready to lead the charge. No matter what your message, you’ll probably find a zombie related shirt, bumper sticker, button, etc. to help you proclaim it to the world.

Zombie Videogames
And lastly, to hold us over for the true zombie apocalypse, we have videogames galore featuring our favorite undead. Whether you prefer target practice at the local arcade via the ridiculously plotted, yet highly addictive House of the Dead or wandering through creepy homes, trying to solve the conspiracy of Resident Evil. It may look like all fun and games, but it’s actually great practice. When the real zombies come, you’ll want to be prepared. (Yup. I totally want the full scale House of the Dead game for my house. Is that bad?)

As always, thank you for stopping by, Mari! TOMORROW LAND is now available for purchase! Go buy it immediately. And for you NetGalley users, TOMORROW LAND is now available for request. :)

Okay, so an even bigger thanks to Mari that I get to have this awesome giveaway. What can you win? Well, a surprise zombie thing of Mari's choosing (see epic post above) along with a copy of BLOOD COVEN VAMPIRES, VOLUME 1 that includes BOYS THAT BITE and STAKE THAT! Awesome, right? You know the drill. Fill out the form below for your chance to win.
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