Friday, December 30, 2011

Freaky Friday :|: 141

Title: The Accident
Author: Diane Hoh
Published: 1992
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 176

She appears in Megan's mirror one day, nothing more than a wispy, shadowy plume, glowing with an eerie light. Her voice is faint and hollow, like a distant echo. The voice of a young girl.

Strangest of all is her request.

"I beg you to trade places with me, Megan. For just one week. Let me live again."

Megan is overcome with fear. Yet she is drawn to the shadow in the mirror, unable to look away. Fascinated by the oddly soothing voice, she listens to a tale of a horrible accident many years before. A tale she would never forget.

Gradually, Megan begins to realize that she has no choice. As terrified as she is, she knows she must make the trade.... (

Okay. This one sounds good. Like I need to go hunt this one down good. This is why I love YA horror. Love it!
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