Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awkward Family Pet Photos by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack

Published November 1, 2011.

Pets. They love us unconditionally, shower us with affection, and because of them, we actually live longer. So, what can possibly be awkward about our animal BFFs? Well...nothing. In fact, we're the awkward ones. Let's face it-- sometimes our adoration for them makes us go a little overboard. Like giving them middle names or convincing ourselves that they really want to wear the pink diamond-studded Prada collar. Truth is, what they really cherish is our companionship, a belly rub, and a treat every now and then. And maybe that's the reason we care about them so much - because for such simple pleasures, they allow us to be as awkward as we want. (

From the people that brought you and, they bestow upon you the book form of the latter, filled to the brim with awkward people and pets looking chagrined. Really, you're either going to love something like this or you're going to hate it. If you hate it, I'm pretty sure you don't have a soul. Because really, who doesn't like to gaze upon picture after picture of horribly awkward people inflicting their deep-seated dorkiness onto their non-human loved ones? It'll give you the chance to laugh, even for just a moment, as you project the horror onto someone other than yourself. That is, after you fix the antlers on your dog.

There's really not much to say about AWKWARD FAMILY PET PHOTOS other than poor animals and hilarious people. It's nice to know that people can laugh at themselves. Because when it's 1986 and you're posing with your cockatiel and you both have matching hair, if you can't laugh at that, you're going to give yourself an ulcer.

AWKWARD FAMILY PET PHOTOS would make a great Christmas gift for the jokester in your family, or a super stocking stuffer for anyone. Image the conversations that would ensue with this book lying about on your coffee table. You might find far more out about your neighbor than you were willing to live with. But that's okay. That's what evergreens are for. Really high evergreens.

With quirky commentary and photos so epically awkward they're have you laughing until you cry, AWKWARD FAMILY PET PHOTOS is something you not only need to buy for yourself, but for all of your loved ones. If they don't appreciate it, see above re: soul.

Ban Factor: Medium - Because banners can't laugh at themselves, it's nominally likely they wouldn't get the humor here and would want it killed dead.
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