Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Off the Shelf Challenge FAILED!

Awww. Sad face. At least I didn't miss it by one or two books. That would really piss me off. Nope. I missed it by 20 books. Eek! Check out that gap! But you know what I didn't do this past year that I'm going to do in 2012? Count the damn ARCs. I tally them in with my TBR pile count so why am I not going to count them here too? I don't know why I didn't count them to begin with. I think maybe I thought of the ARCs as a pile unto themselves that functioned separately. Not this time. They're getting lumped in there. Looking back, I doubt adding them in would have done anything to help me get to the finish line but it definitely would have gotten me closer. Here's to completing it in 2012!
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