Saturday, March 13, 2010

80s Awesomeness! 54

Corey Haim!!!

Corey Haim was a huge child star in the 80s. Known for movies like The Lost Boys (of course), Dream a Little Dream, License to Drive and Lucas, he had it all. Then the downslide into drugs came and Corey became lost in a dark world. He battled with drug addiction for years, jumping in and out of various levels of sobriety. He tried numerous times to turn his life around and get back into acting, most notably within the last few years.

He stared in the reality TV show The Two Coreys with his longtime friend, Corey Feldman, for a couple seasons before Haim's dissolution back into drugs put too big of a strain on their friendship to continue. But despite that, they remained close and Haim continued to struggle while continuing to do what he loved - act.

As is the path of far too many young actors, Corey Haim died on Wednesday morning. Causes are yet unknown but most are leaning towards a drug overdose for obvious reasons. What a great vindication it would be for him for the autopsy to reveal that it wasn't drugs that killed him. It would stick it to everyone that thought he would die like every other fucked up druggie addict. It would also be justice to his ailing mother, whom he was taking care of and who has now lost everything in her world.

I've only hung out with Corey once and while it was during a time when he wasn't at his peak, I could still see the person, underneath it all, that the rest of our friends saw for years - the kind, gentle person that loved and cared for the people around him. The outpouring of love for him after his death is greatly overwhelming. But, like his ex Nicole Eggert said on Larry King, maybe if he saw all of that during his life, instead of getting constantly kicked while he was down, his outcome would have been a little brighter.

Now we have to endure the loss of a great human being who was on the brink of turning his life around, who loved life as much as he humanly could, and truly enjoyed entertaining. Gone is Lucas and Sam and Dinger and Les but at least we have those memories to ensure that he will never be totally gone. And god, will he be missed.


Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

My heart dropped on Wednesday when I checked my phone and had a few texts from friends saying he had passed. I had always been such a huge Haim fan since I was very young. I was always wishing he'd make a great comeback :( I've read a few reports saying he died of pulmonary congestion, and I hope that's true.

Mindi Scott said...

Oh, that memorial video with the GnR song playing totally made me tear up.

I loved Corey when I was a pre-teen. I thought he was the cutest boy I'd ever seen in LICENSED TO DRIVE.

Donna said...

I've gone back and forth over the years whether I like Haim or Feldman better but as I got to know the two on a personal level (both from experience and stories from other people), I much prefer Haim. He was just an all around great guy that, aside from the drugs and what that did to him, was just awesome in so many ways.

Really, his death is kind of just hitting me now. The world without Haim is just a little emptier now.

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I read your post this morning, but didn't get to watch the videos until now. Wow, the GNR one made me tear up so bad! That's really cool that you got to meet him, Donna!

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