Saturday, January 30, 2010

80s Awesomeness! ~ 48

The Legend of Zelda!!!

Yeah, I come from a time when we had to blow in our video games to make them work. And work they did! Google did not exist to solve all our life's problems.

Anyway, Zelda! I wasn't a huge fan of Zelda, mainly because I kept getting stuck at a certain point and couldn't move beyond it. Usually I'd end up hurling my controller across the room . . . only to have it bounce back since it was still attached to the console. Zelda's still around so I don't think I need to explain it but it's certainly come a long way from it's original 1D super pixel status.


WilowRaven said...

Oh man - I loved this game! I still have it (and maybe I still play it :)

brizmus said...

I've recently rediscovered Zelda with my DS, and it reminded me that I also used to get stuck when I played it on the good ole NES. So I downloaded it to my Wii, and I have been SOOOO loving it! Yay Zelda! :-)

Wrighty said...

Wow, I forgot about blowing on those stupid things! My brother was the video game king at our house and was always doing that. Nintendo was a huge deal too after black and white Pong. We did love it though and my kids laugh their asses off when we tell them stories of our first video games.

Mary Ann DeBorde said...

I LOVED Zelda LOL, one of my all-time favorites ... especially as after you beat the game you could start it again with a slightly harder different version of the original game (wish more video games had that 'bonus' version).

Yup, definitely 'old school' Nintendo here, of course - ANYthing beat Pong that was the 'it' game in '75/'76 =P

April said...

I never had Zelda, but we'd always go to my aunt who had it and play it.

Fun fun fun game!

I was more of the SNES generation, but I still cherish NES and it's happy memories as well.

Bere said...

Aawww I love Zelda! I have to admit
I'm a total fan of Zelda. My little
bro and I always play it =)

Donna said...

I never actually owned the game but a bunch of friends did so I would always play it over their houses. It frustrated me even there.

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