Thursday, April 14, 2011

Break It Down Stat-Like

So I've seen this on a few other blogs, Adele's and Lenore's come to mind immediately (I know I've seen it elsewhere but this memory of mine, she sucks), and I thought I'd take a look at my own stats. The initial insight was that as book bloggers, who review books, reviews were barely breaking people's top ten most visited posts. Most had one review in there. If they were lucky, two. So where do I stand? You know me. I tend to buck the trend.

Top 10 posts via Blogger -

80s Awesomeness! ~ 38 (not sure why, apparently the internets has a thing for yuppies)
Aren't vampires supped to be evil? (a rant on the neutering of vampire-kind)
The Vampire's Promise by Caroline B. Cooney (review although I'm not sure why this one, is the internets filled with 80s freaks like me?)
Alison's Wonderland by Alison Tyler (Erotica) (review, internets + sex = duh)
Wither by Lauren DeStefano (review, probably because it bucks the trend in a major way)
BEA Tips 2011 (still open for questions, you know!)
Funny Thing, Professionalism (rant just after Sylvia Massera lost her shit on a couple of bloggers)
Reviews Index (makes a little bit of sense)
Who Did What Where Now? (discussion on the suspension of disbelief)

I find it interesting that half of my posts are review related, with 4 of them being actual reviews. My external stat counter isn't too far off. Top tens from that -

I'll Get There. It Better Be Worth the Trip. by John Donovan (review and most recent so that's probably why)
Draw the Dark by Ilsa J. Bick (review, probably because it's a freaking awesome book and deserves the page hits)
uClue, iClue, We All Scream for iPods! (part of an inundation of iClue promotional posts, that's probably why)
Reviews Index (another match!)
80s Awesomeness! ~ 23 (so it's yuppies and LA Gears, apparently)
Oh no you didn't . . . (haha! my open letter to SMeyer about how she fails as a vampire girl, and where April at Good Books and Good Wine first started fangirling me)
6/09 Archive (weird but okay . . .)
Funny Thing, Professionalism (alas, another match!)
Things I've Learned from Books + 90 (on lobotomies and societal compliance)

So I have three reviews and the reviews index in that one. Not far off at all from the Blogger stats.

My largest referring sites? On Blogger: Twitter, The Story Siren, Goodreads, Good Books and Good Wine, Google Reader and some personal blogs.

On my stat site, different variations of Google and Google images.

My search keywords? In order from most -

the ghost of crutchfield hall
80s cell phone
the vampire's promise (popular and I'd like to know why)
sourcebooks fire
"the paradise prophecy" (wtf is this?)
abelard van helsing ("author" of a vampire handbook book I reviewed eons ago)
city of bones blurb

I'd like to think I'm having a nominal impact on the book world since, throughout all of the stats, at least half of each list is specific book related and not some kind of rant or rambling. It's a review or an author. I find it interesting as someone that's known for her rants that my rants aren't more front and center. The professionalism post was pretty popular and I like how my years old SMeyer letter is still lingering up front.

But what do these stats say about book blogging? In reality, how popular is a book review going to be over a rant that incites people's emotions? I think that's just common sense. In my opinion, a book review is only going to apply to those that have already read it or want to read it. Personally I think that pool is a lot smaller than the internet wankery that a rant post can incite.

I think, in terms of reviewing, it's more about people's interest in the book itself. Does it surpass drama? Probably not, unfortunately. But as a book blogger I still think I'm doing my job and I think my stats prove that one. Yes? No? Maybe?
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