Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big YA Books at BEA and Helpful Links

Well, my weekend ended up freeing up, giving me the option once again to head out to BEA. Right now I'm 90/10 no. If I do end up going, it'll be really last minute. Maybe I'll get my pass now just to have it. We'll see. I'm relatively undecided. But there's a chance. (ETA: Got my badge. O_o)

But what I'm positive about is attending Armchair BEA! What is Armchair BEA? An online event for those that couldn't make it to BEA but equally full of awesome. Complete with giveaways, daily topic posts, blogger interviews and a whole slew of special events with updates from the convention floor itself, it's bound to be a blast. So even if I can't sneak down to New York for a day, I'll absolutely be hanging out for Armchair BEA. So if you're not going, be sure to get your sign-up on!

Now if you are going to BEA, you'll want to know about the books. In this week's Publisher's Weekly, they did an article about the big YA titles showing up this year at the little convention that could. Among the books? James Dashner's final Maze Runner book and, one that had me squeeing a little, Ilsa J. Bick's newest title, Ashes. This is the same amazing author that wrote Draw the Dark so I might just be salivating a little bit to get my hands on this one.

Most importantly the author signing schedule is now searchable on the BEA website. You can just go here, plug in the specific day and time, and whether you want the autograph area or booth signings, or both, and check the list.

While I'd recommend scheduling your signings in advance, give yourself a little leeway because times change. Sometimes suddenly. You're best off getting BEA Mobile and/or settng up your show planner.

I have one question to answer from my own Q&A and that's -

How can go to BEA if I'm not the blogger type, just the reader type?

I don't believe you can. BEA isn't open to the public. You have to be part of the publishing world in some fashion. If you're a librarian, teacher, bookseller, or anything like that, you can get in no problem. Being a book blogger is a definite way in. But if you're just an avid reader, the only way you're getting in is via Armchair BEA. Sorry.

You can find the original BEA 2011 post here where you can find more answers and ask your questions.
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