Sunday, March 6, 2011

Author Love Feels So Good Even Though Holly Schindler is Playing Hurt

A Blue So Dark by Holly Schindler is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Unbeknownst to me, I ended up timing Holly's Author Bites post only a week before the release of her second book, Playing Hurt. Now normally you guys know I don't promote books I haven't read but I give passes to authors whom I have read, like Holly. Why? If I've loved one of their books already, the chances of me loving more by the same author are pretty high. That's just the law of odds there.

So to help Holly out, be sure to check out her next book, Playing Hurt, that drops on Tuesday, March 8th. Click the image to be taken to the BN website to purchase it.

But what really had me rarin' to help boost Holly's sales were the amazing words she said about book bloggers. After all of the shit that had been thrown at our fans by authors, teachers and librarians alike, reading something like what Holly sent me literally brought a tear to my eye. Her words blew me away and I knew I just had to share them with you all. With her permission, I'm reposting portions of her Playing Hurt promotion email here. I hope it makes you all feel as good as it made me feel. And I hope you'll help Holly get the word out about her sophomore book.
Let’s face it—bookstores are closing. My own hometown recently witnessed the closing of my favorite used bookstore, as well as the closing of the Borders Express in the mall—and our larger Borders store is also in the process of shutting its doors. My hometown is no stranger to losing brick-and-mortar stores. As a result, book blogs are absolutely replacing signings and stops at bookstores!

YOU are the absolute best promotional tool I’ve come across. You’re incredible!

YA book blogs have been so instrumental in spreading the word of my work that I have been encouraging all my fellow authors to make even better use of the blogosphere. I’ve already written one article for the SCBWI Bulletin on how to find and contact YA book bloggers, and am in the midst of writing a second article on the YA blogosphere.

I’m also in the midst of documenting this experience with PLAYING HURT. I will be writing extensively about how the blogosphere—and this chain-letter campaign—impact the sales of PLAYING HURT!

Together, we can make PLAYING HURT a YA blogosphere success story! And, by making PLAYING HURT a success, more authors will be seeking out book blogs with their own new and fun promotional ideas. I adore the YA blogosphere, and only want to see it grow and thrive. The idea of where the YA blogosphere might be in five or ten years excites me to no end. You guys prove every day that reading is absolutely not dead—and you are the most influential force right now connecting new writers to their audiences.

On behalf of all the new authors such as myself whom you have helped to find and grow a fan base, I say again, sincerely and with a heart filled with great affection, thank you.


Alex said...

Great post! I just got that same e-mail and I was soo moved for what she wrote, I will post about tomorrow! It is nice to know that after all that ranting about book bloggers, authors still value the hard work put into all of this! =D

Missie said...

Those are very encouraging words from the author, though it does make me super sad to see so many great bookstores closing down.

I've already heard so many great things about A Blue So Dark, and I'm with you on if an author impresses me once, chances are they will again.

Looking forward to checking out Playing Hurt. Thanks.

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