Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiger Press Young Writers Awards 2010

I'm all for encouraging writing, any type of writing, in people of all ages, from the youngest child to the oldest adult. As long as you can hold a pen, I'm going to support your writing. Little Tiger Press is holding a Young Writers and Illustrators contest for children between the ages of 5 and 11 and it ends on December 31st. If you know someone that would like to enter and they're within the right age, be sure to point them towards the website for further information.

From Little Tiger Press -

Little Tiger Press Young Writers Award is a national schools competition for kids. The aim is to create a national drive to inspire, encourage literacy and creative thinking. It’s being run by Little Tiger Press, a UK publisher.

The Little Tiger Press Young Writer and Illustrator Awards are designed to encourage reading and creativity in children from an early age. It is an annual competition aimed at schools, charities and organizations in the UK.

It aims to promote a life-long love of books and to give children a sense of enjoyment and confidence in reading, writing and illustrating.

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