Sunday, June 6, 2010

Alas, I admit defeat

After the death of my fourth laptop in roughly 6 years, I waved my hands in the air erratically and exclaimed, "fuck it!" I shall not get another one for some time (save for the late birthday gift of a Netbook coming to me in August) lest I spread my computer-killing juju to another device.

Chained in shackles to a desktop computer, I was left in a quandary. Thanks to Kersten Hamilton (Tyger, Tyger), I was introduced to the wiles of NetGalley (of which if you have not perused, I highly recommend you do) wherein I amassed quite a collection of digital review copies to read. While a right pain in the ass to read on a laptop, I could still do it with some measure of comfort from my bed. With this last device's passing, I was stuck with nothing but a desktop and a wooden chair to quickly ease my ass into numbness and my eyes into blindness should I sit myself in front of its screen for extended periods of time.

What to do?

Since its invention I've railed against the teachings of the Kindle. "Give me an old-fashioned book!" I'd yell, for you cannot replicate that new book scent from a digitized screen. Although I'm wont to imagine that Amazon would surely release such a scented candle, only $5 with the purchase of its latest model digi-reader. But now with this collection of digital review copies and no reasonable way to read them, what choice am I left with?

Still, I did not want to go the way of the Kindle, for its price and its rather brutish clunkiness is a bit of a turnoff. So I traversed the wilds of Google for a more suitable match for myself and I must admit, I do believe I've found it amongst the forests of Sony. With its choices and Touch, how could I not be immediately drawn in?

After some decision-making, and consulting other like-minded explorers that had gone before me, I made my choice. The Sony Reader PRS-600 aka Touch was stowed away in my trunks and smuggled back to my abode. Here it is resting after its long journey -

Hopefully we are amenable to each other and this new find doesn't go by the way of its predecessors. Luckily for me, I tend to have better success with these smaller creature than I do their more complex brethren. And hopefully it doesn't wisen to the fact that, still, I treasure those traditional bindings over the intangible step-siblings. Wish me luck.


Mrs. DeRaps said...

And, it's pink! You remade your blog layout just in time. Let us know how you like it--I'm still holding out. (I did this when CDs first came out, too. It wasn't smart.)

Kersten Hamilton said...

Oh, good! Now you can read Tyger mean, very sorry about your computer. Yes, that's what I mean.


Sabrina said...

I can't wait to hear about your experiences with your new ebook reader.
I'm also thinking about buying one because reading ebooks on my mac is not that great.

Lauren said...

Oooh, good luck. I'm actually thinking of buying the exact same one for similar reasons, so I'll be interested to hear how you get on with it.

Anonymous said...

Ooh it's beautiful! It'll be interesting to hear how you get on with it because I'm thinking of getting one myself.

Jackie said...

Thanks to all the people like you Donna, someday someone of you may talk me into the e-reader game too. This one sounds more my speed than the Kindle as well, hope it works out and you keep us updated so we know how it fares!!

jackie b central texas said...

We are in the industry so we go through electronics like water. BUt, on your new e-reader it is good to have a case with a positive closure, or somehow afix something so if it were to fall, say on tile, the case wouldn't open up and the screen crack or the things inside break. Really -- one who knows having broken three palm pilots.

Donna (Bites) said...

It seems to be working out okay. I like the touch screen and it's pretty easy to read off of. I still want to treat it like a normal book and when I walk away, flip it upside down to hold my place. Um, don't really need to do that!

Haha, Kersten! Tyger, Tyger is already on my NetGalley list!

Bookie said...

Pretty! I seriously need to get an e-reader. I'm leaning towards the Kindle.

Marty Shaw said...

It looks very cool, and I think it's a good choice.

I haven't entered the world of e-readers yet, but been peeking in and the Sony is my favorite so far.

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