Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Harry Potter?

It was an idea that Rowling didn't toss away while she visited the White House for Easter. Sure, Harry's youngest generation of fans will be grown up by the time she re-considers writing more HP books, there is still hope. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Malfoy series!

Rowling also said that she will write, and is writing, more books as we speak. I remember reading something about children's books, like picture books, that she was penning but I can't be sure. Still, if she writes more YA, even middle grade, I'd love to see her style outside of Harry Potter. Considering her knack for research and meticulous detail all woven around an amazing story, if she were to apply that same level of awesome to another book or series, it could be another hit. Granted her name alone could sell books.

What would you like to see Rowling writing? Will you read her books when she publishes more? What about the Harry Potter series? What would you like to see explored in more books that might not have been touched upon a lot in the canon?


Julie said...

While I love Harry Potter, I'm not sure I want to read anymore. I'm kind of...burnt out I guess. I've been trying to reread the entire series for the past few summers, but never even pick up book 1 to start it.

I think I want to see her either make a new world entirely with different fantasy elements or do a contemporary work. The new fantasy and world would require a TON of work and new details, and the contemporary would let her stretch her wings more. Both would be amazing.


brizmus said...

I would LOVE to read another Harry Potter book, personally! When the last one ended, I wanted to know what J.K. Rowlling thought would happen. I think a "Harry, years later" for adults would be awesome. OF course, it would also have to appeal to teens, but I don't think that would be hard to do.

Kelsey said...

I can't imagine reading any other Rowling book other than Harry Potter. It would be a lot of pressure on her to write something as awesome as the HP series, too.

But I would definitely read her books if she wrote some for YA or adult. Not so much children's, though.

Donna said...

It is a lot of pressure but I don't think she'll be able to scrap that. I think Harry Potter's elevated itself to a whole 'nother level that you can't really compare it to anything else she writes. I doubt she could write something bad, though.

Bianca said...

I am wicked obsessed with Harry Potter! I am waiting until the day another book comes out from her! I would love to see her writing about the future generation, where the epilogue takes off at!

Writing something about the Malfoys would be great, too!

Wings said...

to be perfectly honest i doubt she could write anything better than harry potter...it was near perfect.

ive started thinking of her as a one hit wonder, she made her millions from the series and dropped off the face of the earth.

i want to see how they cope in adult life with jobs if she was going to continue...a malfoy series might be good aswell.

Sonja said...

If she writes another HP book, I hope she'll address the Problem of Slytherin - you know, the part where in the 7th book every single student refused to help defend Hogwarts.

Because that just wasn't right. Still peeves me just thinking about it.

So...essentially I'm dittoing your idea for more Malfoy!

Stormy said...

I think she could do another HP book or three, her 'verse is large enough to carry stories that don't *have* to involve Harry or his friends, more Hogwarts books for sure, but the possibility also exists for books about other parts of the Wizarding world.

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