Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Zombies Make Craptastic Boy/Girlfriends

Not too long ago Sya of The Mountains of Instead approached me to write something for her Week of the Living Dead event. Apparently I have demonstrated some kind of fear/standoffishness in regards to zombies. I'm sure that's the case as these brains are incapable of remembering anything prior to breakfast.

So I thought on it for a nanosecond and decided to wanted to wax on all that is zombie love and why it's a horrible, horrible idea. I've only read one zombie YA book that I can remember, Generation Dead, and I thought the idea of a zombie love was just absolutely ridiculous. I mean, vampires are bad enough. You can half get over the fact that they've risen from the dead. At least they're not rotting. But zombies? Ew.

So if you'd like to take a gander into my reasons why zombie love should be avoided at all costs, head on over to Sya's blog and take a look at Why Necrophilia Never Pays. But be warned. This is me we're talking about. It's not an article filled with kittens and rainbows. Unless they're mutant kittens and acid rainbows you speak of. And then check out the rest of her guest posts for Week of the Living Dead!


Marty said...


Great pic :oP

Zia said...

It was an awesome article!

Donna said...

LOL! Thanks!

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